A Level Revision Guides:

If you don't feel like working with a textbook a revision guide might be useful for you. They are also significantly cheaper. Just please note that in my experience while they do cover the specification, by the nature of the format, it is less comprehensive so they need to be used in conjunction with lots of problem solving of official exam board questions. Revision guides are very good for this. My recommended strategy would be to go over a topic in the guide, then seek out all available past paper questions on this.

My recommended guides:

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Physics Olympiad Book recommendations:

For general preparation across topics I recommend:

For Classical Mechanics and Relativity I recommend:

Books to help with mastering Physics:

Leonard Susskind Theoretical Minimum:

Learning Relativity the way Albert Einstien himself intended:

Feynman Lectures on Physics:

Please also note they are available online for free at: https://www.feynmanlectures.caltech.edu/ If you prefer a physical book:

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